Farmer Song Fest Memorial Day Weeekend

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3228 130th Street
Ellston, IA 50074
(515) 231-5424

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From I-35:

Take the Grand River Exit 18.  Go west on J-20.  Stay on J-20 through Grand River.  Turn right (north) at Reasoner's Garage onto a gravel road.  Follow gravel road several miles, through the curve.  Festival will be on right (north) side of road, next to a grey
Victorian house.

From Ellston:

Drive east on J-20, past golf course.  Where J-20 curves, at J-20 gas station, turn left (north) onto blacktop.  Stay on blacktop through several curves.  Festival will be on left (north) side of road next to a grey Victorian House.

Signs will be posted for directions. Call 515-231-5424 if you have any questions.

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Hynek Tree
              Farm, Ellston, IA
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